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Across the country, the growing use of gas-powered leaf blowers, mowers, trimmers and edgers is raising concerns over their health and environmental impacts. Quiet Communities is a nonprofit organization that takes an evidence-based approach to help communities understand the adverse effects of gas powered outdoor maintenance and find quiet, sustainable, and healthy solutions.

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Electric Landscape Maintenance Revolution

Can electric equipment revolutionize landscape maintenance? We think it can. Read why in our article that appeared in Turf Magazine and then in Agricultural News (Cornell Cooperative Extension) about electric landscape maintenance. Thanks to advances in battery technology, brushless motors and controllers, cleaner, quieter and healthier alternatives to gas-based engines are available today, and only […]

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Demonstration of all-electric equipment at Garfield Park event (Photo by Walt Mancini, Pasadena Star News)

South Pasadena and AGZA: Leaders in All-Electric Maintenance

February 26, 2015. South Pasadena, CA. The city of South Pasadena, California is now home to the nation’s first municipal park to be maintained 100 percent gas and emissions free. At an official ceremony, the park was declared a Green Zone with an official certification plaque from the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA). The new […]

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Quiet Lawn Care May Be Coming to Boston Suburbs

Quiet Lawn Care May Be Coming to Boston Suburbs! See our most recent press release below for more information about developments at Quiet Communities. A Fresh Approach to Reducing Landscape-Equipment Noise and Air Pollution Concerned about the health effects of landscape maintenance machinery on both users and the public at large, representatives from six Boston […]

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Fine Particulates Increases Risk of Childhood Autism

Fine particulate matter is emitted annually in the billions of pounds by gas-powered leaf blowers and other small lawn and garden engines used in our neighborhoods, parks, schools and workplaces. A new study from researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health shows that pregnant women exposed to high levels of fine particulate matter, especially […]

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They’re doing it in NYC with Jackhammers

The same basic story but this time it’s jackhammers in New York. The city has received approximately 9,000 complaints from citizens about  jackhammer noise, especially at night. Jackhammers, or pneumatic drills, typically used to break up rock and concrete are powered by compressed air and generate noise of 100+ decibels, similar to commercial grade gas-powered […]

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Quiet Communities and Huntington Calm members

Long Island Group Takes Action

June 19, 2014, Huntington, NY. A recent Newsday article highlights the efforts of Citizens Appeal for Leaf Blower Moderation (CALM), based in Huntington, NY. The group is working to raise awareness about the health and environmental impacts of gas-powered landscape equipment and to inform the public about the availability of cleaner, quieter alternatives.  Founding CALM […]

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