????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????The same basic story but this time it’s jackhammers in New York. The city has received approximately 9,000 complaints from citizens about  jackhammer noise, especially at night. Jackhammers, or pneumatic drills, typically used to break up rock and concrete are powered by compressed air and generate noise of 100+ decibels, similar to commercial grade gas-powered leaf blowers and lawn mowers. The city’s Environmental Protection Department is considering regulations and is also encouraging contractors to use quieter, electric-powered equipment. If New York can do it with jackhammers, surely our towns and cities can take the step with noisy gas-powered lawn and garden engines. The electric technology is getting better all the time.

Read the article. Watch the video.

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  • Using jackhammers can really be a handful. Unlike all public renovations or construction that is done in the night, jackhammers can’t be used in the night as they give out very loud noise and will wake up people.


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