Jerry_LinkedIn_snipJerry Ackerman

Jerry is a marketing communications and business consultant, currently affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Venture Mentoring Service. During a 31-year career with The Boston Globe he was lead writer for the Globe’s Emerging Business section, helped develop its Technology section, and was a line editor. He has written extensively on technology, venture development, investment, and other business and industry issues, including in-depth analyses of emerging companies and factors driving their success. Previously as City Editor he was a key part of a team that won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service for the Globe. He also has received numerous other journalism awards. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Northwestern University and was a Professional Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.

Jay Baldwin

Jay is Partner and co-founder of Wind River Capital Partners, LLC, an investment banking firm. Before Wind River, Jay co-founded City Gardens, Inc, and helped grow it into the third largest interior landscaping company in the United States. Jay has held board, trustee, and advisory positions with leading environmental and health organizations in New England, including Mount Auburn Hospital, Institution Recycling Network, Charles River Conservance, Environmental Entrepreneurs, Sustainable Jobs Fund, and Ocean River Institute. He holds a BA from Boston University.

Buzz photo (3)Buzz Constable

Buzz is an attorney and Executive Vice President at the real estate development firm of AW Perry, where he has worked since 1985. He has acted in leadership roles for a wide variety of historic and environmental conservation projects in Massachusetts, including the Old South Meeting House, Trustees of the Reservation, Environmental League of Massachusetts, Lincoln Land Conservation Trust, Massachusetts Assocaition of Regional Planning Agencies and Metropolitan Area Planning Council. Prior to his work at AW Perry, Buzz was an attorney for Warner & Stackpole in Boston. He received a BA from Williams College, a MFS from Yale University, a JD from Boston University, and a LOEB Fellowship from Harvard University.

Dan Mabe_head shotDan Mabe

Dan is on the forefront of clean technology equipment and for a sustainable grounds maintenance industry. Dan has extensive experience and understanding of equipment operations and attaining maximum efficiency in the use of cordless commercial and residential grade equipment. With over a decade of experience replacing residential and commercial gas fleets with cordless electric clean-tech options, Dan has standardized electric operation alternatives for the grounds maintenance industry. In 2006, he launched The Greenstation, an exclusively electric, zero emission, and low noise grounds maintenance company using off-grid solar design to charge batteries and designed, tooled, and manufactured two models of cordless electric lawn mowers – a push mower, a self-propelled mower, and advanced blower design. In 2008, he created the Green Zone™ Initiative to convert properties into low noise, zero-emission maintenance areas where gas equipment is not allowed. In 2013, he founded the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) − the first sustainable certification organization to train and certify professionals in advanced electric technologies and AGZA Green Zone® creation. Most notably, AGZA partnered with the city of South Pasadena to create and maintain the nation’s first multi-acre municipal Green Zone city.

R Reibstein_HeadshotRick Reibstein

Rick is a lecturer in Environmental Law and Policy at Boston University and Harvard Extension School, was one of the originators and managers of the Toxics Use Reduction Act programs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, developing special initiatives for more than 26 years for companies, schools, government agencies, hospitals and others on improving environmental performance by using less toxics, water and energy.  He founded the Northeast, North Central and Central Business Environmental Networks, inspired the first national conference on Electronic Products Recovery and Recycling, and has provided training in pollution prevention and innovative environmental governance to several states and countries.  After working as an enforcement attorney at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on lead law, he established the Regulated Community Compliance Program at Boston University to educate real estate professionals on the value of disclosing the presence of lead paint, and taking action to improve the safety of residences.

David M. Sykes

David is an author, public policy advisor, and management consultant who has been involved in noise policy development since 2000. His research interests include noise and its impacts on productivity and health, fields in which he has organized research projects at Harvard Medical School and other institutions. He is founder and Executive Director of the 520 member Acoustical Research Council, co-chairs the “Towards a Quieter America” projectand is active in several other projects relating to acoustics, noise and health. Sykes is a frequently invited speaker and conference organizer on subjects such as noiseand health in the built environment. He currently holds faculty appointments at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the Royal Scientific Society of Jordan and has been an invited lecturer at conferences in the US, EU, UK, Eurasia and the Middle East.