Equipment Demonstrations and Training. Working with the American Green Zone Alliance and others, we organize demonstrations and training on advanced electric land care equipment and other sustainable land care methods.

Workshops. We offer educational workshops and equipment demonstrations to municipalities, schools, and organizations that can be used for continuing education credits. Our workshops cover public health, environmental, and ecosystem impacts of fossil-fuel powered land care practices as well as the technologies, outcomes, and economics of alternative sustainable solutions. Our workshops come with the option of an equipment demonstration that also provides hands-on opportunities for participants.

Public Speaking. We are passionate about bringing peace and quiet to our communities. We are eager to share our knowledge about: 1) the dangers of excessive noise and pollution on our health and environment and 2) sustainable, cost-effective alternatives.

Quiet Technology Centers™. QTC is a partnership program being developed between Quiet Communities and community colleges and other vocational centers. The aim is to create quiet, non-polluting Green Technology job opportunities and educational programs in land care that cover advanced battery technologies and chemistries, electric generators and motors, renewable energy, biological and plant materials, and IT networks and software, and other areas.


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