American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA; Located in Southern California, AGZA is a leader in promoting zero-emission landscape maintenance through education, certification and accreditation. AGZA works at ground level within the industry to identify and expose the underreported hazards inherent to all gas lawn care equipment (, and then educates workers, facilities managers, and property owners on the many advantages of switching to gas-free equipment.

The AGZA Accredited Service Provider program educates and certifies lawn care workers on the safe and optimal operation of battery electric equipment, and on general sustainable landscape management practices. AGZA also creates emissions-free “Green Zones™” at parks, campuses, and commercial properties in Southern California. This year AGZA received Congressional recognition for establishing the nation’s first zero-emission AGZA Certified Municipal Green Zone ( and the nation’s first gas-free AGZA Certified Sports Complex Green Zone (

In conjunction with Quiet Communities and other organizations, the American Green Zone Alliance is expanding its work to other parts of the country.

Ecological Landscaping Alliance (ELA; With headquarters in Massachusetts, the ELA is an national alliance of educators, designers, architects, and landscape contractors that advocates for responsible stewardship of land and natural resources in landscaping and horticultural practices.

NOFA Organic Land Care Program (NOFA OLC; NOFA OLC is a program of Connecticut NOFA, a nonprofit organization which is one of the 7 NOFA state chapters. NOFA OLC has over 500 Accredited Organic Land Care Professionals who have taken their 30 hour training course. They offer professional education, accreditation, and best practices for its members. Its mission is to extend the vision and principles of organic agriculture to the care of the landscapes where people carry out their daily lives. Resources such as books, fact sheets and articles are available for both professionals and homeowners on the website.

Perfect Earth Project, East Hampton, NY ( a nonprofit organization promoting toxin-free lawn and landscape management (including quiet, emissions-free maintenance) and sustainable land use worldwide.