Below you can find environmentally friendly landscapers listed by State or Province.

United States



Property Whisperers of Phoenix Valley, AZ ( is a landscape design and maintenance company. Owner, Paul Kneisl, values the aesthetics, health, and function of his clients’ properties. The company takes nature-centered approach to maintenance and is able to offer competitive pricing because of reduced costs of operation compared with gas-powered companies. The company maintains properties with organic methods, permaculture, and quiet, clean, sustainable maintenance. Maintenance equipment is all electric. The company prefers to use outdoor vacuums and rakes and only uses electric blowers on an as needed basis.


818 Land Maintenance of Woodland Hills, CA is an AGZA-certified landscape maintenance company located in Southern California. Owner, Jeff Keenan, has been transitioning his business to electric equipment for many years to better service its customers. The company is transitioning its services to electric equipment to better service its customers. The major incentives pushing 818 to go electric were reduced noise, cost savings, and easy handling compared with gas-powered equipment.

Evergreene Lawn Care of Torrance, CA ( is a family-run landscape business committed to providing your community with quiet, emissions-free lawn care to promote an environmentally sustainable future. Their use of organic fertilizers and all electric equipment completely eliminate air and soil pollution. Among other properties, Evergreene maintains Torrance American Baseball’s sports complex – the first in the nation to become an AGZA-certified Green Zone™.

Healthy Air Lawn Care, Madera, CA ( is an AGZA-certified provider of zero-pollution alternative lawn maintenance services. The company’s goal is to reduce the number of gas lawn mowers, leaf blowers and string trimmers being used every day and create a healthier environment.

SeaBreeze Landscaping, Los Angeles, CA ( is helping to make Los Angeles environmentally friendly and sustainable. It offers only electric powered landscape maintenance services on select routes and uses manual tools, such as sweepers as well. In an attempt to further reduce particulate matter raised by leaf blowers (gas and electric), the company has invented and has a patent pending on a dust-suppressing attachment (see video).

Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping, Santa Cruz, CA ( is an established long-time leader in quiet zero emissions, fossil-fuel free landscape maintenance, useing only quiet electric tools and hand tools. Owner Ken Foster lectures on sustainable landscape maintenance practices as well as related sustainable landscaping and gardening topics. The company has opened a challenge to landscapers to test the effectiveness of the broom versus the leaf blower in cleaning of hardscape surfaces. In the recent challenge overseen by 3 independent judges, the broom was declared winner over the leaf blower on the basis of on time, thoroughness, noise level and air-pollution level.

TruGreen Landcare, Pasadena, CA is an AGZA-certified provider responsible for maintaining 10-acre Garfield Park in South Pasadena with all electric equipment, eliminating emissions and dramatically reducing noise for area residents and park visitors.


ABC Lawn Service, Jacksonville, FL ( uses battery-charged, solar powered equipment for lawn maintenance services.

Eco-Lectric Landscape Maintenance, Bradenton, FL ( making a positive difference in the lawn care industry in Florida. The company uses electric equipment and organic products to offer a professional service at a quality price, so customers can afford to “Go Green.” Owners, Josh and Jamie Flowers, hold degrees in Landscape and Turf Science and Environmental, Soil, and Water Science and created Florida’s first environmentally friendly lawn care and landscape company. They use renewable energy, like solar panels to power their electrical equipment in order to eliminate harmful pollution.
Sun Power Lawn Care, Gainesville, FL ( is a fully licensed and insured business that offers a free analysis of each yard before starting work and uses quiet, clean electric maintenance equipment. The maintenance work is planned to fit the customer’s budget.


Fresh Air Lawn Care, Boise, ID ( is a provider of sustainable electric lawn care, landscaping, and maintenance services. The company uses Mean Green mowers to reduce dependence on gas and oil and eliminate emissions. Fresh Air Lawn Care’s battery powered equipment is 99% cleaner and the price of its services is the same as its gas-powered competitors. Its tagline is “reducing pollution, one lawn at a time.”


AIR Lawn Care located in Montgomery County, MD ( offers solar-powered electric lawn care and maintenance services.

Solar Mowing, Bethesda, MD ( is a certified Green Business in Montgomery County, MD offering solar powered mowing services to the Bethesda-area and NW Washington DC. Lyn DeWitt, owner, was inspired to found the company after learning that gas-powered mowers emit more pollutants than cars.


Clean Air Lawn Care of Boston, MA ( is a full-service sustainable and organic lawn care service for residential and commercial properties in Boston, MA. The company estimates it is preventing more than 23,000 lbs of lawn care pollution each year because its equipment runs on clean solar power. For smaller jobs, electric push mowers are used, powered by truck-mounted solar panels. For larger jobs, ride-on rigs fueled by locally sourced biodiesel are used. Wind power fuels the equipment when it’s recharging back at the shop.

Eco-Quiet Lawn Care of Concord, MA ( uses electric and manual landscape maintenance equipment and is organic products, providing a fully the green alternative to gasoline-powered lawn care companies. It offers full service lawn care without the noise and air pollution association with gas-powered equipment.

Pumpkin Brook Organic Gardening, Townsend, MA ( is an organic land care provider offering design, garden installation and maintenance, and lawn maintenance services. They are committed to quiet, clean maintenance and uses (almost exclusively) quiet, pollution-free hand tools (excluding shredder and chipper) to keep you and your neighborhood happy.


Green Tech Lawn Care, Springfield, MO ( offers organic fertilizing and solar electric-powered landscape maintenance to provide a healthier environment. The company partnered with solar panel installer, Brighter Side Energy, to help power their mowers and other equipment and reduce the amount of gasoline and other fuels used for lawn maintenance. The solar panels attach to the company’s vehicles and charge the landscaping equipment.

New York

Carbon Cutters, Rochester, NY ( is an organic, sustainable company offering commercial and residential landscape maintenance services at prices competitive with gas-powered companies. It relies on 100% commercial electric equipment (Mean Green Products and Stihl products) that is quiet and has zero emissions. Solar power is used to charge the equipment. The tag line on their truck reads: “Lawn Care with a Conscience.”

Reel Quiet Mowing, Southampton, NY ( is an alternative, sustainable mowing service that uses human-powered, state-of-the-art, hand-push reel lawn mowers and quiet rechargeable blowers and edgers. RQM reduces noise and environmental pollution caused by gas powered mowers and blowers that disrupt and pollute otherwise peaceful neighborhoods. The company services properties up to one acre in size located near village centers.

South Carolina

Earth Friendly Landscapes, Charleston, SC ( offers full-service residential and commercial landscape maintenance, exclusively powered by zero-emissions equipment charged by wind and sun.


Clean Air Lawn Care – Dallas, TX ( A full-service sustainable and organic lawn care service for residential properties in Dallas. They use emissions-free, electric powered equipment for lawn mowing and maintenance. They use electric push mowers—powered by solar panels mounted on our trucks—for our smaller jobs and ride-on rigs fueled by locally sourced biodiesel for the bigger ones. Wind power fuels the equipment when it’s recharging.

New Brunswick, Canada

Green By Nature Landscaping, New Brunswick, Canada ( The company’s goals are to reduce air and noise pollution while providing an economical and efficient choice for landscapes and lawn care. It uses gasless, zero emission lawn mowers and gardening equipment and provide beautiful landscapes and lawn care with the use of organic fertilizers eliminating the use of pesticides and herbicides.