HuntingtonCALM_LogoDid you know that a gasoline-powered leaf blower (GLB) for just 30 minutes produces more emissions than 40 cars idling? That’s right. A GLB generates as much tailpipe emissions in one hour as an automobile does over 350 miles. And think about it…a leaf blower deposits the emissions in your front or back yard.

While our focus is to exercise more, eat better, and even sleep more, we often forget about how our actions make a huge impact on our environment. While we are working to try and improve our health, how we treat the environment can have a reverse effect on our health and even our well being.

Dr. Bonnie Sager’s article in the Atlantic version of the Sierra Club journal emphasizes the impact of gas-powered leaf blowers on communities. Dr. Sager is a co-founder of the citizens’ group Huntington CALM and is an affiliate group of Quiet Communities.

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