When my wife and I bought our home, we were overwhelmed — and not just by the lengthy to-do list that came with the 1920 fixer-upper. It was late summer, and the yard was out of control. We’d just closed on our new house, and Mother Nature was already threatening to repo it.

As a kid, I’d mowed my parents’ lawn every weekend, but years of apartment life had left me soft and stripped me of my suburban sensibilities. We had no mower, but the previous owner had left an electric weed-whacker in the garage. And that’s why, shortly after moving from Boston to the relative countryside of Quincy, I was haplessly weed-whacking our front lawn like some kind of jackass city slicker.

It wasn’t the most efficient method, and it gave our yard the erratic look of a 7-year-old left to play alone with hair clippers, but it got the job done until we could find a mower. It also helped me realize that in the dense neighborhoods in and around Boston — where the lots are measured in square feet, not acres — you surely don’t need a gas lawn mower. You should think twice about buying one.  Read the article.