Certified AGZA Green Zones®

An AGZA Green Zone is a defined area of land − a park, a campus, a shopping center, a neighborhood – maintained routinely without the use of gas-powered equipment, relying instead on a combination of advanced battery-powered equipment, sustainable landscaping, and manual methods. The concept was pioneered by the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA), the global leader in sustainable zero-emission grounds maintenance strategies. Quiet Communities is a key partner for AGZA Green Zone projects in the Eastern US.

AGZA Green Zones reduce fuel consumption and spillage, exhaust emissions, noise, toxic solvents used for maintenance, and the dirty engine parts and and non-recyclable containers that wind up in our landfills . Workers benefit from reduced exposure to toxic pollutants and noise. The public benefits from quieter, cleaner, and healthier environments in their neighborhoods, schools, businesses and communities, and a better quality of life.

Creating an AGZA Green Zone involves a structured process of implementation that involves an evaluation of the land and the gas equipment, selection of the appropriate equipment and battery bank, definition of the infrastructure requirements, education and training of operators, and certification of workers and the Green Zone. The program offers a simple, practical way for municipalities, schools, parks, and other organizations to lead by example – creating models of clean, green, serene, and healthy landscape maintenance for  communities.

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