MG mower

A full line of high performance commercial and residential grade electric machines are now available.

Thanks to technology advances, high performance, commercial grade, cordless electric, zero emission machines, from leaf blowers to zero-turn riding and standup self-propelled mowers, are available. The lithium batteries used in these machines are comparable to those used in electric cars. The electric equipment is over 90% efficient and has the advantage of being able to supply a maximum level of power immediately compared with gas engines, which must wait for the engines to rev up.

Increasingly, these machines are being deployed by campuses, municipalities, and residents to reduce noise, pollution and save money on gas, oil, and maintenance.

Want to learn more about high performance electric? Watch this video from the American Green Zone Alliance.

What About the Economics?

Although the upfront costs of high performance electric machines are considerably higher, the savings accrued over time (starting as soon as 9 months after purchase for frequently use machines) are considerable. These savings stem from the elimination of costs for fuel, oil, and maintenance products (degreasers, lubricants, etc) and reduction in costs for replacement parts (spark plugs, belts, etc), toxic waste disposal, and maintenance services.