12782915_ml_1200 x 800Leaf blowers and other gas-powered lawn and garden equipment emit millions of tons of toxic, carcinogenic air pollution into our our air each year. The pollution is generated in high levels and close to the ground where it is easily inhaled.

  • The American Lung Association, Children’s Environmental Health Center, and the US Environmental Protection Agency warn explicitly against gas-powered lawn and garden equipment.

Lawn and garden pollution consists of: 1) ozone-forming chemicals and 2) fine particulate matter. Ozone and particle pollution threaten the health of millions of Americans, according the the American Lung Association.

There is broad agreement amongst leading medical organizations that even short term exposure to these types of pollution can cause or contribute to cancer, early death, heart attack, strokes, congestive heart failure, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other serious conditions. A recent study by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health mentions the increasing evidence linking fine particulate pollution expose to autism in children.

Exposure to these forms of pollution is especially hazardous to children, seniors, people with chronic illness, and unprotected workers. Even short term exposure can be dangerous according the US Environmental Protection Agency.